Battles of British Columbia (Battles of Western Canada Book 1)

Tom Wolfe, on the other hand, turned out to be a youthful enthusiasm; I have been unable to read one of his books for years.

From to I served as the editorial director of Horizon Canada , a bilingual illustrated history of Canada published from Montreal in weekly magazine format. When that project wound down, I moved with my family back to the Vancouver area. I have written two dozen books, most of them about Canadian, British Columbia and Vancouver history.

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My intention from the beginning was to try to combine engaging narrative with an investigation of deeper historical themes. So, for example, my book Battle for the West: Fur Traders and the Birth of Western Canada Hurtig is meant to be an exciting account of the fur trade which at the same time conveys to the general reader the new academic research that has reinterpreted the role played by First Nations.

By the appearance of The Imaginary Indian in I had discovered what interested me most about the study of history -- why do we believe what we believe about the past?

Military history of Canada during World War I - Wikipedia

At the same time my move back to British Columbia reawakened an interest in the history of that province, and my native city, which resulted in a couple of books about Vancouver as well as the mammoth Encyclopedia of British Columbia Harbour Publishing , for which I was editorial director and principal writer. The EBC was welcomed on its appearance in as one of the most important books about the province ever published.

20th Century Battlefields- Episode 1- 1918 Western Front

I have also written several books for young readers, including Far West: I also contribute reviews and articles to a variety of Canadian periodicals. During the Second World War, Saskatchewan's girl next door unknowingly became a popular pin-up girl.

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Fourteen years after the Second World War ended, refugees displaced by the conflict are still living in temporary housing in…. Hoey, who received a posthumous VC in Burma.

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  • During the Second World War a Canadian hero captures a German position despite wounds to his head and both legs. Mackenzie King and others speak to….

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    A documentary details the D-Day invasion and the Canadian forces' push through Normandy to the eve of the liberation…. Celebrated Canadian flying ace Buzz Beurling has died in a plane crash en route to Israel. A son on leave from the war explains fascism to his father back on the homestead. CBC Radio visits "a representative Canadian home" to see how ordinary people are faring in wartime. A Farm Forum panel tackles the problem of food shortages and high prices during the war.

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    Outnumbered and outgunned, Canadian soldiers are overwhelmed in their first major battle of the Second World War. The page you are looking at will not be updated. WW II attack on B. The Fifth Estate Broadcast Date: Donald Graham, Robert Lalley Jr.