Captains of Bomb Disposal 1942-1946

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Those with just basic information are books that I have found reference to, but do not have a copy so I can only provide the information that I have found. The list does not include books dealing with ordnance or ordnance identification.

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Those subjects are published in large numbers and would be candidates for a separate listing. Aftermath, the Remnants of War , Donovan Webster, hard cover, pages, Clean-up operations in France. An Engineer in the War , Major A.

Turner, soft cover, Onyx Publishing, pages, Reese, Dog Gear Publishing, soft cover, pages, Written for year old children. Prebble, UK, soft cover, 21 pages no publisher or date. Bombs and Bombings , Thomas G.

Thomas Publishing, hard cover, Hogben, Patrick Stevens Limited, England, hard cover, pages, Captains of Bomb Disposal, , T. Dennis Reece, Xlibris Corporation, soft cover, pages, Haarer, Staples Press Limited, London, hard cover, pages, Fishman, Verbitrage Publishing, soft cover, pages, Noel Cashford, USA, soft cover, pages. A Danger to Himself and Others , J.

Fishman, Verbitrage Publishing, L. Ernest Olson, Trafford Publishing, Canada, soft cover, pages, Fictional use of real facts and names.

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They include essentially all administrative, strategic, and other documents relating to U. They were filed within folders, later microfilmed, and now presented on Fold3 as digital images. The first series of folders are by subject, then by miscellaneous files, monographs, staff section reports, geographical command reports, and miscellaneous reports.

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